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Analog control system upgrade to high-definition systems solutions compare

Analog control system: because of its relatively simple installation and affordable price, the current market share of about 70%, but with the advancing IP network monitoring, its market share and sales're falling to the ground. And if you use high-definition networkcamera to upgrade the original analog system, old system the vast majority of equipment needs to be replaced, not only labor intensive, material,more importantly, is a great pulled high The cost of the project, so that high-definition has become a luxury. Therefore There are SLOC, HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD and other network HD transition have appeared from analog to HD upgrade program for this. The four high-definition programs without exception,have used coaxial cable as the transmission medium, and promote the development of more than HD also reflects the manufacturers of analog SD Times coax "sustainable development" Attention.

SLOC (SecurityLinkoverCoax) coaxial composite video transmission technology

SLOC technology by Sony Corporation in cooperation with the American semiconductor manufacturer, "British Purcell" (IntersilTechwell) development.April 6, 2011, Sony announced a partnership with the U.S. semiconductor manufacturing Business English Purcell has developed the industry's first hybrid coaxial cable through a camera on a global scale. SLOC technology solutions analog signals, digital signals are mixed by a group based transmission Camera modem PHY chip TW3801 on SLOC technology (in 2013 has been used TW3802) and a SLOC-based receiver modem PHY chip TW3811 (2013 YEAR used TW3812) components. SLOC technology leverages the installed coaxial cable infrastructure and support for IP networking capabilities, does not require DVR IP camera Design or design for major changes.

As can be seen Intersil SLOC is to monitor video cable transmission system developed by a complete set of transmission schemes. The program conforms to the high-definition video surveillance, the development trend of intelligent,And the integration of analog and digital transmission signal is mixed, to retain the real-time analog video transmissions and other advantages. Intersil SLOC combines video signal processing, digital-analog mixed signal processing pass on Integration advantages, to ensure reliable transmission of analog signals and IP signals in 600 meters of distance, greatly extending the distance of traditional coaxial cable or transmission of IP signal or analog signal;SLOC branch Hold IP signals, allowing users to get real-time advantages of analog signal, while net transfer images to get HD encoded and two-way commu-nication with the IP (uplink and downlink dual channel). SLOC can Integration of the camera PTZ control to ensure IP signals on coaxial unimpeded.

SLOC for all types of manufacturers to provide a new video delivery solutions, since its inception, has been the support at home and abroad.But later in the security ecosystem, failed to launch a series of Product, promotion and application seems to be not successful.

HDCVI (HighDefinitionCompositeVideoInterface) HD composite video interface technology

HDCVI?technology is similar to the SLOC technology based on coaxial cable HD video transmission technology, which uses a baseband quadrature amplitude modulation and modulation techniques to coax one million video modulation HD signals and then transmitted;above specifications based on existing 75-3 and video coaxial cable as a transmission medium, long-distance transmission can be achieved at low cost situation. The technology will light And chrominance signals are completely separated lines, successfully resolved the chroma crosstalk problems. In addition, HDCVI in intelligent control, real-time and other aspects have a clear advantage, especially in the upgrade cost control side Face,because it followed the application, easy deployment of simulation construction monitoring technology, saving a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.

In order to successfully promote HDCVI technology, UOB launched a front-to back-end products, a complete solution package, fully meet the actual needs of the user.HDCVI technical expertise as Zhejiang Dahua Lee technology, after four years of development has been well known. March 3, 2014, in Sydney, Australia International HDcctv Alliance approved by a new generation of high-definition surveillance video standard HDcctv2.0AT. The new standards-based AT UOB HDCVI technology products, new product upgrading traditional analog and digital high-definition programs, as well as new markets such as high-definition HD get more common Applications.

HDTVI (HighDefinitionTransportVideoInterface) high-definition video transmission interface

This year, Hikvision, Rui as technology and other manufacturers have also released a HDTVI products, the core technology is HDTVI HDTVI chip,increasing core were sent in front of the camera and back-end encoder Tablets and receiver chip, enhance data transmission distance. Its image has 1280H and 1920H two digital high-definition video formats, and effectively carries a 1280 × 720,1920 × 1080 two resolutions. For The picture quality assurance machine,HDTVI unique automatic compensation function will automatically turn on when the coaxial transmission over 500 meters,effectively reducing the signal due to attenuation caused by ultra-long distance transmission Phenomenon.

AHD analog High Definition

In order to better compatible with the original analog system, reducing the problems of our customers use in the project.After the Swiss Shield International (Hong Kong) Limited in 2013 launched a comprehensive HDCVI products, in 2014 AHD years and launched a comprehensive analog HD series. AHD is to solve the HD-SDI products exist in the transmission distance and resolution of conflicting drawbacks.

AHD major performance advantages:

1, AHD  camera module is based on the original class of ordinary 75-3 coaxial transmission medium for upto 500 meters;

2, to achieve the ability to carry 720P / 1080P resolution video;

3, the front-end data has not been compressed to the back-end coding, full-time, high-fidelity;

4, which uses advanced Y/C signal separation and analog filtering technology, can effectively reduce color

noise high-frequency region, and better image reproduction.

Since long-distance transmission of analog signal attenuation inevitable, so the signal separation technique used, and through the high-frequency signal amplification.But another problem is that the transmission at different distances, the letter No attenuation is different, can not do an accurate signal amplification, but the current process does not affect the general application of technical terms. AHD new products both for road transport, schools, banks and so onHigh places,as the monitoring requirements also apply to supermarkets, family and other general monitoring sites, AHD products with its strong practicality and cost-effective, high-definition program will become a major competitor.

To sum up

HD is the security industry, one of the most mentioned concerns point, high-definition monitor is an inevitable trend in the industry,but the road leading to a lot of high-definition monitor, in addition to four kinds of analog surveillance described in this article Outside the upgrade program as well as HD-SDI digital high definition and high-definition monitor network users view video surveillance in high-definition on the issue, not the blind pursuit, to take into account the current and longterm development, to choose Their programs.


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