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How to maintain camera

To get the camera continued to serve you, in daily use , a number of matters related to the protection of the camera is a must do. Because cameras are easily damaged electronic products, the use must pay attention .

1 Do not place the camera directly at the sun, to avoid damage to the camera 's image sensor device ;

2 Avoid camera and oil, steam , water vapor , moisture and dust exposure ;

3 Do not use ordinary cleaners or organic solvents to clean the camera ;

4 Do not touch the lens with your fingers , if the lens needs cleaning , use a soft brush to remove dust and blow up balloons , and then wipe the lens paper . If you use cardboard , paper towel or napkin to wipe the lens , easily damage it.

Intelligent network matrix application in Museum monitoring system

The actual demand of the Museum of the monitoring system

How to aim at the museum security system of the actual specific needs, formulate  practical and effective monitoring and prevention system is the main subject of the  protection of cultural relics at present.

The security system of cultural units mainly include video surveillance, burglar alarm and access control of three main items, building intercom, sound check and security patrol and many other sub item. As a precaution level relative to the highest unit, in addition to the requirements can be set correctly surveillance target, timely capture important information, to obtain reliable dynamic record, rapid treatment and precaution of events.

The usual solution is: strict screening on the performance index of each product composition of the system, the selection of targeted products, at the same time combined with the actual environment detailed exploration, eliminate the blind spot of the monitoring. But these methods only solve for the accurate and timely access to information acquisition, and advanced equipment to eventually by "people" management to achieve the desired purpose, fatigue coefficient of management personnel and the comprehensive reflection of safety precautions must be paid attention to in the design of a system for.

Therefore, we should construct the direct link between the three main system monitoring, alarm and access control, the establishment of a comprehensive information processing platform, the intrusion detection, video surveillance, review, sound gate entrance control, and other complex emergency alarm, together, will be aggregated information scattered, automatic operation preset strategy, provide the basis for decision-making, to replace part of or all instead of manual management and intervention.

At present, the industry generally method, is the third party platform software realization of multi system integration based on through the call, and treatment for different system data, the realization of the corresponding control linkage. Because the system is more need to integrate, also different interfaces and types of products, increasing the difficulty of the project implementation and customer application. There is no way to simplify the system complexity, free integrators, engineering contractors and customers from worry?

The traditional matrix in the museum to the role of monitoring system

Matrix control has become the core of the museum in a monitoring system to control one of the image display, clear in the real time video quality and fast switching. Based on the matrix programming setting, can meet the normal operation of user

requirements, such as group can view camera pre marshalling set in multiple monitor; camera switch can correspond to display switching in the specified monitor and alarm point or even a preset camera.

But in the high-tech crimes become more and more serious, the museum guard level monitoring system

gradually improving, this linkage has been unable to meet the actual requirements of the scene, the capacity matrix need to have an external warning condition pre judgment ability and real-time interaction response.

Ethernet communication technology will create a matrix of information receiving and processing platform

Combining with the matrix, hard disk recorders, alarm and access control systems, need to have a unified interface, traditional communication modes based on RS-232/485/422, the main controller or the system itself with the corresponding port, or are based on computer communication software. The former requires consideration of uniform transmission, processing interface in each process (such as all kinds of communication converter, optical transceiver); the latter needs to maintain long-term stability of the computer and software operation. More importantly, in the convergence of multiple system platform, a large amount of data on the accurate and timely processing of the need for greater transmission speed and bandwidth, the traditional means of communication have been unable to meet the requirements, the Ethernet communication and become a new generation system preferred network matrix, network hard disk video recorder, network alarm, network access control and so on

in. These building subsystem network data communication platform, matrix as the central processing unit linkage video, the network interface and other system interface index should be consistent, otherwise will become the bottleneck of the whole platform, the current 10M bandwidth is the minimum configuration. Through the network interface, matrix can be conveniently combined and alarm system, alarm can see the scene from the monitor, determine whether the real invasion, or do not see the people will think that is false

In addition, integrated with the matrix is also convenient for all kinds of network interface of the software industry, the comprehensive cost two times the development of low.

Enhanced macro commands let matrix with intelligent linkage function

A macro is a series of combined keyboard operation, self created by the user, the formation of a macro command, is actually a custom button / key combination operation, with a series of time-consuming alternative manual and repetitive keyboard difficult memory operation, automatically complete the required tasks.

Common macro generally includes 20 action, by the PC machine set the software to edit definition after downloaded to the keyboard operation, can through the button to manually perform different actions to execute a command, the matrix order, users can edit in the specification of the format of each action within the framework,

implementation designers intended function.

Enhanced macro instruction set movements increased to more than 40, although also requires the user to set the edit, but directly downloaded to the matrix operation. Obviously, compared with the ordinary macro instruction through keyboard after forwarding to the matrix after the implementation of the former, and the implementation of faster, more efficient, real time.

Enhanced macro instruction set increases the logic condition judgment (can be video loss, contact alarm, contact arc alarm event), a cyclic Executive (called repeatedly can achieve a directive), timer (in a fixed period of time or a predetermined time execution), and nested call

The ten criteria of video surveillance system is good or bad

Because the city of network video monitoring system of huge investment, complex technology, therefore in the construction of the system before the overall objective assessment is very important. City video monitoring alarm networking system is the basic characteristics of general large investment, high technical requirements, involving users wide, connected links (related to the acquisition, transmission, storage, management, sharing images). Overall, city video monitoring alarm networking system basic evaluation principle: the system can meet the actual requirements; does the system management and maintenance; system there is no expansion and upgrading ability, can function upgrade provides the condition for the intelligence; whether the system has the ability of sustainable development.

From technology to system evaluation mainly includes the 10 criteria:

1 practical. The system should consider the local environmental conditions, monitoring objects, monitoring methods, maintenance factor maintenance and investment scale, to meet the city video monitoring alarm networking system and the normal operation of the social public security management needs.

2.The reliability and stability of (Reliability) . The system shall adopt mature technology and reliable equipment, have the backup or redundant measures on key equipment. System software maintenance support ability and strong fault tolerance and system recovery ability, in order to ensure the stable operation of the system as long as possible, once the system failure can quickly repair or restoration.

3 scalability. Should adopt the distributed system and modular structure design, expansion, in order to adapt to the scale of the system function expansion, supporting software upgrade requirements. The user can at any time according to needs of the system of extended or cutting, reflect enough flexibility.

4 advanced and inheritance. Impossible to put the system to simulate the original construction are mainly abandoned city video monitoring alarm networking system, it is appropriate in planning a good digital system as far as possible under the premise of the original analog system into which. System is the most ideal is to do a seamless connection between the two, the formation of city video network monitoring complete.

5 performance to price ratio. The designer should be reasonable to set the system function, the correctness of the system configuration and equipment selection, in the premise of key equipment and excellent grade, ensuring the overall price system is relatively low, so that the system has high performance price ratio. Selection and back-end software camera system front-end level should be the focus of attention, the front camera line number if less than 460 lines, the follow-up system is again good also to no avail, is impossible to guarantee system has clear image effect. A wide dynamic range and other advanced features also required in some applications.

6.Convenience  system upgrade and maintenance. Because of the larger system, system software and key equipment with automatic upgrade and maintenance function; in addition, the city monitoring alarm networking system is composed of a plurality of complex systems, including network, storage, operating systems, software platform, various front-end equipment, so that each subsystem shall have a log record, including all system module and core equipment.

7.The system management function and easy operation. Taking into account the scale and complexity of network system, management software platform should have good core system architecture, system management and business management must be clearly separated, to ensure that meet the requirements of different applications. Due to the large number of system of all kinds of management server, storage and forwarding server, so the system management function must be strong, otherwise it is impossible to carry out routine maintenance; system provides management and user interface should be clear, concise, friendly, manipulation is simple, flexible, easy to use, easy to management and maintenance.

8.Capacity of system to support two times development. The number of cameras monitoring a city network alarm system at least hundreds, and more up to tens of thousands of, so we must consider the problem of sustainable development platform. To achieve the "video to create value" of the target, it requires the system to have two times the development condition, the only way to ensure full use of video resources platform.

9.Security level system. System security includes many aspects, which is mainly to prevent illegal access of user and device, so in addition to the different users (including administrators and users) to take different levels of validation methods, but also to ensure that illegal equipment can not access to the system to. Network monitoring system is the most vulnerable to hacker attacks, should take effective security measures, prevent the system from the illegal access, illegal attack and virus infection. In addition, anti lightning, overload, power, electromagnetic interference and sabotage, unsafe factors, to provide comprehensive and effective security measures.

10 compatibility with the degree of standardization. Compatibility is the key to realize the interconnection of many different manufacturers, different protocol between equipment. The system shall be able to communicate effectively and share data, realize equipment or compatible between systems and interoperability as possible. The higher the standardization, openness of the system better, the system life cycle is long. Control protocol, transmission protocol, interface protocol, video and audio codec, video and audio file format provisions shall comply with the relevant national standards or trade standards.

The relationship between the image is not clear and the matrix switcher

Device of image not clear mainly include: low brightness, edge focusing is not good, ghosting (image smearing), a sense of interference fringe stack (signal source image resolution is too high) or serrate (dropped frames).

We cannot immediately said that a product has a problem, the image display is a system, mainly has the video signal source such as DVD, camera, computer, control transmission products such as matrix switch, divider, signal transmission cable, and then to the display terminal.

The common solution is as follows:

Exclusion method: one by one the exclusion of all equipment, first check the source resolution and terminal display resolution is consistent, only in this way can form point-to-point display, the brightness of the image can also be improved obviously, if the video signal depends on whether the system can adapt to and display terminal, if not up to display terminal requirements, may through the nature exchange equipment or increase the conversion equipment to change the signal, such as the use of line doubler, can improve the VIDEO video signal to VGA signal. Secondly, look at the distributor and the matrix switch bandwidth and the impedance of the signal source, whether it can be in the range of standard distance so that the minimum loss of image. Finally see display focus and convergence device is normal, and the signal processing circuit is good. The most important thing is: in construction, strictly to the signal connector, to separate the interface cable tidy, reliable, power line and signal line, and reliable grounding, if not with UPS power supply, AC power grounding to achieve common ground, line two make a mark, to facilitate inspection and management.

Analysis: according to the fault phenomena, such as synchronization, synchronization interface and transmission cable focus inspection equipment, and the control signal source with the frequency range of terminal display synchronization. Shorten the examination time through analysis, image ghosting, transmission cable whether too long and too small, the solution is to change the line, or increase the signal amplifier equipment. The focus is not good can adjust the display terminal and so on.

A two method: refers to the overall failure, can be segmented for inspection, as long as the assumption of a section of the existing problems, then check out be ruled out after the problem is solved, we can save on other parts of the examination time.

To sum up, not to give the image not clear is the matrix switcher or other equipment problems.

The protective cover and the protective cover selection

The protective cover is an important component of monitoring system. It is the protective device so that the camera in the normal use of the dust, rain, high temperature and other conditions.

The protective cover is generally divided into two categories. One is the protective cover for indoor, the protective cover has the advantages of simple structure, cheap price. Its main function is to prevent camera falling ash and safety protective effects, such as anti-theft, anti sabotage. Another kind is the protective cover for outdoor, the protective cover is generally all-weather protective cover, regardless of wind, rain, snow, high temperature, low temperature and other adverse conditions, can make the installation within the shield of the camera work normally. Therefore, the protective cover with cooling, heating, rain, snow and other functions. At the same time, in order to in the rain and snow weather can still make the camera image normal uptake, generally in the all-weather protective cover glass window installed with the wiper control. At present, all-weather protective cover is better by using the semiconductor device heating and cooling of the protective cover. The protective cover is provided with a semiconductor element, can automatic heating, but also can automatically cool down, and low power consumption.

In addition, there are hemispheric, spherical protective cover, the protective cover is equipped with a universal adjustable bracket, modelling is beautiful.

The protective cover is divided into indoor and outdoor type two. The interior of the protective cover is mainly dust, and some also have a subtle effect, make the surveillance occasions and objects that are not easily detectable by monitoring. There are sunscreen, rainproof, dustproof, anti freezing and condensation prevention effect outdoor shield function. Protection of general outdoor cover is equipped with a temperature relay, automatic open fan cooling in high temperature, automatic heating when the temperature is low. It can artificially control the rain wiper brush. Some outdoor shield glass can also be used for heating, when the frost on the protection cover, can heat defrosting.

This paper introduces the common video transmission

1, the video baseband transmission: is the most traditional way of monitoring TV transmission, 0 ~ 6MHz of baseband video signals without any treatment, through the coaxial cable (non-equilibrium) signal simulation of direct transmission. Its advantages are: the short distance transmission of image signal loss is small, the cost is low, the stability of the system. Disadvantages: the transmission distance is short, more than 300 meters high frequency components decay is larger, can not guarantee the image quality of a video signal; Lu cloth of a cable, transmission control signal to the other cloth cable; the structure of star structure, large amount of wiring, maintenance difficulties, poor scalability, suitable for small system.

2, optical fiber transmission: common analog optical transceiver and digital optical transceiver, is to solve the tens or even hundreds of kilometers of television monitoring transmission is the best way to solve, by converting video and control signal for the laser signal transmission in optical fiber. Its advantages are: transmission distance, low attenuation, anti-interference performance is best, suitable for long distance transmission. The drawback is: for signal transmission is not enough economic monitoring within a few kilometers; light and equipment welding and maintenance needs of professional and technical personnel operation, maintenance of the technical requirements of high, not easy to upgrade.

3, the network transmission distance, man: is the solution point extremely decentralized monitoring transmission mode, using MPEG2/4, H.264 video and audio compression format transmission control signal. Its advantages are: the use of network video server as the monitor signal upload equipment, Internet network install remote monitoring software can monitor and control. The drawback is: the network bandwidth and speed limit, only small screen image transmission, low quality; only several to more than ten frames per second transmission image, animation effect is very obvious and delay, can not do real-time monitoring.

4, microwave transmission: is one of several kilometers or even tens of kilometers is not easy wiring site monitoring transmission solution. Using the frequency modulation or amplitude modulation method, the image being carried by high frequency carrier, converted to high frequency electromagnetic wave in the air transport. Its advantages are: save wiring and cable maintenance costs, can be dynamic and real-time transmission of broadcast images. The drawback is: due to the use of microwave transmission, frequency above 1GHz, commonly used with L band (1 ~ 2.0GHz), S band (2 ~ 3.0GHz), Ku band (10 ~ 12GHz), the transmission environment is open space is easily affected by external electromagnetic interference; microwave signal transmission in straight line, can not have mountain, building block; Ku band is seriously affected by the weather, especially the rain and snow weather will have severe rain attenuation imagination.

5, the twisted pair transmission (balanced transmission): is a baseband video transmission, the non balance mode conversion 75 ohms to balance mode transmission. Is to solve the monitoring image 1Km transmission, one of the ways to solve the complex electromagnetic environment situation, will monitor image signal processing by balancing the symmetric mode transmission. Its advantages are: simple, low cost, wiring resistance to common mode interference is strong. The drawback is: can only be resolved within 1Km monitoring image transmission, and a twisted pair can only transmit one image, not suitable for application in large and medium-sized monitoring; UTP fragile texture anti-aging ability is bad, not suitable for field transfer; twisted pair transmission of high-frequency component attenuation is larger, the image color will suffer great loss.

6, broadband co cable transmission: video using amplitude modulation, frequency modulation with sound, FSK data signal modulation technology, dozens of road monitoring image, sound, control and alarm signals are integrated into the "two-way transmission of a coaxial cable. Its advantages are: make full use of the coaxial cable resource space, forty way audio and video and control signal in the same one cable two-way transmission, the realization of "first pass"; has the advantages of simple construction, convenient maintenance, save the material cost and the construction cost; frequency division multiplexing technology to solve the long distance transmission points scattered, difficult routing monitoring transmission problems; radio frequency transmission mode only attenuation of carrier signal, image signal attenuation is small, brightness, chroma transmission synchronization nested, ensure the quality of the image above grade 4.5 national standards; by 75 ohm coaxial transmission of non balanced mode which has very strong anti-jamming ability, the complex electromagnetic environment occasions can still ensure the quality of the image. The drawback is: adopting the weak signal transmission, system debugging high technical requirements, must use professional equipment. Broadband modulation end need external AC220V AC power supply, but at present most monitoring point with this condition.


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